lucy-extruderI started by buying an extruder at a local craft store that seemed like the best one.  Unfortunately, it was really hard to crank and I was supposed to hold it at the same time.  It was too hard on my hands.

I read about putting it in a vice.  That worked until the vice began to tear up the rubber coating on the extruder.  The extruder kept slipping and I kept tightening the vice.  I think I even dented the metal cylinder a bit.

I read about using Vaseline to lubricate the interior, but wasn’t sure how that would mix with polymer clay.  I liked the discs that came with it, but I needed a better extruder.

The LC Czextruder is wonderful.  It’s well-built.  It has its own holder and it cranks easily.

The extruder discs are in sleeves made for coin collectors. I store them in a 3-ring binder. The ClayCore extruder adapters are above in an empty PanPastels container.

I bought all the Lucy discs in order to get the ones I really wanted. Many I’ll never use. I also bought some Makins discs and ClayCore extruder adapters.  The ClayCore extruder adapters make easy, small, tube beads.  Extruders make cane building much easier, too.

ClayCore extruder adapters in different sizes.

Much of my frustration with polymer clay has come from tools that didn’t work as well as they should.  I use the LC Czextruder and other Lucy tools because they work well.  I’m grateful they exist.

 P.S. I bought all these products myself and received nothing from the manufacturers.