Polymer Clay Journey

One artist's adventure



My name is Phyllis Cahill.  I began my polymer clay journey around November 2015.  I have not found it to be an easy medium to learn.  There’s much that can go wrong. At one point wondered if I’d ever make anything that would turn out.  It’s easy to spend a small fortune on supplies, tools, books and tutorials.

In spite of all that, I find polymer clay captivating and I persist.  It’s a good lesson in focusing on what goes well instead of what doesn’t.  My goal with polymer clay is to enjoy making creative and beautiful things that hopefully people will buy.  Sometimes it’s hard to part with things I make, but I have an Etsy shop and I sell at local craft fairs.

I wish I’d started this blog at the beginning of my polymer clay journey.  I will try to recapture some of what I’ve learned and share new things that might be helpful to others.

As for my background, I’ve worked all my life as an artist, first as a graphic designer and currently as a children’s book illustrator.   I live in Colorado with my husband and two cats.

Following are some samples of my polymer clay work.  More can be seen on my Flickr page and Instagram page.

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