I decorated my Smart Span! I cut and molded clay so it fits over the metal Smart Span and on top of the rollers.

To mold the clay to the Smart Span, I put just a small space between the rollers. I made a thick block of scrap clay and cut two side-by-side circles out of it with a round cutter about the same diameter as the rollers.

With a straight blade I trimmed off the excess, then I pushed the block onto the rollers to see where it was hitting the metal and needed to be trimmed more.

When I was happy with its shape, I cut it in half and sandwiched the metal Smart Span in the middle. I put it in place to make sure it was fitting well, made adjustments then baked it and wet sanded it so it doesn’t touch the rollers. Then I put a veneer on the sides and top and baked it again.

If you’re not familiar with the Smart Span, it’s for sale at the Lucy Clay Store. A new, revised version will be coming out so you might want to wait for it.

P.S. I bought all these products myself and received nothing from the manufacturers.