This video shows “the Con-Tact paper fix” for the Lucy Clay Machine scrapers.  This fix evolved because clay was getting between the plastic scrapers and the adhesive and causing the scrapers to bow out and not do their job as well as they should.  Without the Con-Tact paper, the scrapers are also harder to clean because clay gets into their nooks and crannies.

The Con-Tact paper will wear out because it’s rubbing against the rollers, so it will need to be replaced fairly often.  How often depends upon usage.

This video also shows making clay sheets 6mm to 1mm thick, a couple small tricks and easy cleanup. (I also get to show off my new foot pedal and bracelet.) I hope it might be helpful.

The reason for this video is that I was having trouble with my new clay machine. (This is a long story, but it has a good ending.) The surface of the clay was being scraped by something. On the thinner settings, the clay was rippling and sticking to the rollers. I couldn’t get acetate sheets to feed through the rollers. Clay was getting between the plastic scraper and the adhesive and it seemed like it was pushing the scrapers away from the rollers. I was frustrated to the point of returning my machine. I had such high hopes and was so disappointed I couldn’t get it to work for me.

Then I talked to Jiri, the owner of the Lucy Clay Store. He was very helpful and willing to take back the machine. He asked for photos of my problems. He agreed it was the scrapers. So I put on new scrapers and also added a piece of thin adhesive vinyl on the inside and around the sides. I also tightened the thumb screws as tight as I could with my fingers. I hadn’t been doing this.

Kato, Fimo, Soufflé and Premo now all work beautifully at 2-6mm thick. No scrapes, just nice flat sheets. At thinner settings, Premo and Fimo were getting small ridges and ripples so I tried just one sheet of acetate and that works pretty well because the rollers can grip the clay.

I found on thinner settings, the drier clays worked best (Kato and Soufflé). Soufflé worked very nicely without acetate down to 0.5mm thick. If leached, Premo and Fimo may work better. The clay I had was rather soft and sticky.

After running four new blocks of clay through each setting at least 3 times, no clay had gotten between the adhesive and the plastic scraper. Kato, Premo and Soufflé were easy to wipe off with a dry paper towel. Fimo smeared, so I used rubbing alcohol.

P.S. I bought all these products myself and received nothing from the manufacturers.