Cutting shape out of polymer clay to match the heart-shaped mold.

I saw a needle tool used in a video by a Russian artist to cut a curved shape out of a sheet of clay.  It seemed like a better way to cut curves than an Xacto blade, especially with templates made of card stock. An Xacto blade would nick their sides.

Below is the sewing needle tool I made from the smallest sewing needle I had.  I used a small electric eraser refill to cover the ends so I wouldn’t poke myself.  Polymer clay would make a good handle for this tool.


The cutout hearts show how the sewing needle is more precise than the regular needle tool.

Here I’m using it to cut a slot for a pin back on a brooch. I try to hold the needle straight up and down.

You can see where I added white tape to adjust my template.
The edges are a little rough, but not bad.