Scan of original-sized cane on left. Reduced and baked cane slice on right.

The above photo was my first attempt at a signature cane. The gaps are really bad.  The clays aren’t the same consistencies and the outside reduced more than the inside.  This was dreadful and went right into the scrap clay bin.


Above was my second attempt.  When I reduced these canes, I got wobbly letters and Ps that look like Ds. I still hadn’t made the clays the same consistencies.  It also went in the scrap clay bin.

Scan of original-sized canes above. Reduced and baked slices below.

I tried a third time after I finally leached the ivory-colored clay.  I’m not happy with how the middle “P” reduced, but if I remove it, this will work.  (Thank you, Shane Smith, for showing our guild how to make these initial canes.)

What I learned from this (again):

  1. Leach soft clays so that all clays are the same fairly stiff consistency.
  2. Fill in all gaps really well.