double-bead-hole-makerAbove is the device I made for creating consistent holes in these square polymer clay beads that I’ve been using to make bracelets.

It’s two pieces of clay the same size as my beads, poked through with bead needles and baked. Then I super glued the clay to the needles.

I slide this device along a piece of clear acrylic taped to my work surface. I poke each side of the bead maybe halfway through, then pick it up and push a bead needle all the way through by hand to assure I got it right.

I also drill out the holes after baking the beads using a small drill bit, then a bit larger and a bit larger yet. I had to throw away a few beads made of Kato because they were cracking when I drilled them, but no cracking with Premo!


I learned how to make this cane at Polymer Clay Tutor, though I did alter the design.  It’s Cindy Leitz’ Christmas Sweater Cane tutorial.