Six brands of polymer clay, wet sanded and polished.

Above are six different brands of clay. All were wet sanded with two grades of fairly fine MicroMesh, 2400 and 3600, then buffed gently with a cotton buffing wheel on an electric buffer.

I haven’t found it necessary to go through all the grades of MicroMesh, so maybe this is the lazy person’s method of getting a glass-like finish.

If I didn’t know which was which, I’m not sure I’d be able to pick out Soufflé. I was surprised by how shiny it became when sanded and buffed.  If I look very closely and compare it with the others, I can see a teeny, tiny pattern of microscopic dents.  This is where the microbeads in Soufflé fell out.

To dispel the mystery, left to right are: Cernit Number One, Fimo Pro, Soufflé, Pardo, Premo and Kato.